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Community Pharmacy Network


Save big as never before!

Community Pharmacy Network is a group purchasing organization established in 2011, offering pristine, remarkable services and support. Our aim is to provide independent pharmacies with unique tools and benefits to help the business grow faster. We are focused on delivering maximized opportunities in different locales, enabling independent businesses to compete against pharmacy chains without sacrificing any of the competitive resources to become a top lead.

Membership. Simple Process


How it works

We negotiate discounts for you on products and services before you buy. Most of the products and services that are already negotiated are of the brand names companies you know and assured. All deals are already negotiated before you purchase, so once you become a Community Pharmacy Network member you can start ordering medical supplies.

How to sign up for membership

How to sign up for membership Becoming a CPN member is extremely easy. You simply contact us and we will gladly guide you through the simple process.

Unique Services

Savings made simple
Discounts at your services
Customer service
Every member is unique
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